Why hackathonCLT?

Well, in 2012, a few years ago, right before we held the inaugural hackathonCLT, there was a lot of talk about how Charlotte needed, deserved and must have a hackathon. But all it was a lot of talk, and we just got tired of ‘all the talk’ about one but there being none. So we did it…with only one motive – a celebration of and gift to Charlotte’s tech community.

The Founding Story

As co-founder of Tresata (the biggest, baddest, coolest tech company started in CLT), Abhishek Mehta (Abhi), had this idea of bringing to Tresata’s home city an event that was key to celebrating their tech communities everywhere.

That was the idea behind #hackathonCLT.

But ideas seldom make it past earlobes…a chance mention of the idea at a meeting with Harris Teeter, an early Tresata customer, that Jim Clendenen & Chase Cabanillas (eCommerce & tech rock stars) decided to put Harris Teeter’s weight, data, & might behind the idea– to showcase CLT’s tech community!

Without them, that moment, that meeting…without Harris Teeter, this hackathon would have remained a dream.

Tresata and Harris Teeter remain the driving force behind this community event…whose only agenda is to give to our techies, nerds, geeks & the cool guys a day (night) to call their own!!

Why (not) Charlotte?

we “keep pounding” till we get there

we are a city built on ideas

we are great at creating out of nothing

the next big tech company will be born here

we may be polite…but when we…

we know how to solve problems

if there should be a data capital of the World it should be CLT

big hair, BBQ, big data, NASCAR & big tech just belong together